Wednesday, June 9, 2010

With a Heave and a Ho!

Yorikiri! (yorikiri!) Yorikiri! (yorikiri!) Its a "frontal force out"! The losing opponent is forced out of the ring by wedgie. For the winning move to be a yorikiri the winner must keep his hands on the other fighters "mawashi". Mawashi are the sumo wrestler's "belt" which is a single piece of fabric about 30 feet long and 2 feet wide weighing about 8 lbs. They will actually tie it dependent on their wrestling tactics, leaving it loose so its hard for their opponent to use the yorikiri move or tighter and splash water on it to avoid it being gripped.

It seems that the Japanese culture has a penchant for folding things... metal for swords, mawashi, kimono belts, origami paper... at least most things people associate with traditional Japanese culture. Specific ways of folding things that seem to become ritualized object transformation. Most cultures have transformative beings in their folk-lore... its an interesting and beautiful thing that is metamorphosis. Thinking about it makes me want to buy some tad-poles. Topologically speaking, I suppose if it can revert back to its former state than it hasn't changed but we're only seeing it at different angles. Isn't that what we seek from sports? Transformations? To be turned into a winner? To show off a different angle, to change our psyche? Its all something that leads to a better understanding of ourselves, even if we can't verbalize what it is. Side notes abound. The Wrestler in the right panel is Baruto. He is originally from Estonia and is one of my favorite wrestlers to watch. You can read his bio HERE. He is considered to be a true sportsman within the Sumo world. He is ranked as an Ozeki, which is 2nd ranking only to Yokozuna. If you are interested in any paintings from this series please visit my Etsy site here. I'll be letting some prints into the wild and writing about some local landscape paintings I finished a little while ago. What!? I thought this was a figure painter's blog... WTH.

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