Thursday, September 22, 2011

Heidegger, Hide a grrr, Hi da girl, ugh can't twist free of Heidegger

The past few weeks of movement from Philadelphia to Georgia, starting graduate school, learning egos, and finding new avenues for myself. . . I keep thinking about escaping the effects of WWII, and the philosophies of the early 20th century.   As the baby boomer generation is peaking like maple leaves in fall, I find myself suddenly surrounded by the aftermath of their experiences and continuing experience.  Even the later half of the boomers born in the 50's exude the opportunity/loss dichotomy of a world built on large scale war.  Even, and for a third time even, even now I hear beating drums for war, while the same drum beaters scream we are in a moral crisis, a down trodden economy, and its because we are losing wars.  Crisis.  Crisis. Crisis.  And this all goes back to some penis in a vagina.  But who knows besides me what I'm ranting on about.  I am waiting for a power shift.  I am bidding my time.  There are many of us that are. 

I imagine death, the reasoning of it, evolutionarily speaking, (because cells split on indefinitely down the animal tree) is for the benefit of the young.  We have a limited opportunity to learn from our elders, but are also limited in the world of their psychosis.  And for the later part, I don't mind that one day down the road, (hopefully a long time from now for my own sake), I'll leave the younger generations in peace.  The most moral thing to do is end morality?  Think about that.  No one with any morality.  Don't let your own get in the way of you thinking about it. 

It seems at time that as we go through the centuries, people seemed happier, we have their histories, things we think horrible.  But, each generation had tools that the other did not.  Buckminster Fuller was quoted as saying,(with out footnote) "you can't change people, only the tools that they use."  Can we only hope to do worse to ourselves as our access to tools increases?
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