Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Rokurokubi Spectators

The Horror! The Horror! Always wanting to keep some humor in my works I've introduced 2 Rokurokubi yokai into the sequence of paintings. As the sumo wrestlers perform the cleansing of the ring and driving out of evil spirits these monsters zoom in from the nosebleed section to get a better view of the commotion. Rokurokubi are japanese folk-lore monsters that appear human, and at times try to blend in as such, but have a tugging urge to elongate their necks in attempts to mostly scare humans. Some can be sinister hunting men and drinking their blood. Others try to blend in or don't even know that they are yokai (monsters) and their necks elongate while they sleep as they have odd dreams from interesting viewpoints. Some variations of the Rokurokubi claim that they became yokai as going against the Buddhist path. I imagine it was originaly a variation of "If you keep making faces it's going to stay that way!" But wait, why am I bringing a Buddhism influenced monster to a Shinto sport/ritual? Because, Japan is like a tossed salad of Buddhism and Shintoism. Described to me as: Shinto in life and Buddhist in Death. Traditionally Japanese ghost stories are only told in the hot months of summer when the chill that runs down your spine cools you from the heat. This pair I think is only wanting to get a better view. They may think about eating the loser, I just don't know. You can find these paintings listed on Etsy HERE.

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