Wednesday, June 23, 2010

The Power Hour

What else might be of importance to Philly’s younger years? Two defunct power plants, one in some active shipping yards, next to the recycling plant, and the other one adjacent to our neighborhood park where William Penn signed a treaty with some Native Americans. They were really surprised to see electric lights along with Penn’s boomstick. These Paintings are of the Delaware Power Station next to Penn Treaty Park on the Delaware River.

The above painting is of five of the eight stacks at the power station may be purchased at Etsy click HERE. The more I think about electricity the more it resonates with the city. Magnetic in its attraction, like a cat's tail rubbed over amber. I'm getting to Ben Franklin and his mystical-magical kite. That old philanthropic philanderer helped to issue in modern life by selling his possessions to research electricity, a step toward the second industrial revolution in the midst of the first. While this may tie us all together it is still not the cosmic connection we'll be arriving at by the end of the week.
The painting below is of the loading pier for the station on the Delaware river and may be purchased HERE.

If you are interested in further information about the power plant follow the link attached to the title as well as .

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